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Panniculectomy is a cosmetic surgery developed to deal with hanging skin and fat in the lower abdominal area. Patients visit Dr. Alvina Won Cosmetic Surgery to have their excess abdominal fat and skin removed through panniculectomy surgery in Seattle.

Excess skin and fat in the lower abdominal area that hangs down like an “apron” is called a pannus, and can have negative effects on both self-esteem and quality of life. The extra fold or folds of skin can:

  • Hinder hygiene.
  • Cause chronic rashes.
  • Make it difficult for clothes to fit properly.
  • Put extra stress on the back.
  • Make everyday activities difficult such as bending over or walking.
  • Cause recurrent skin infections.
  • Cause an odor.
  • Create a negative body image and greatly affect self-esteem.

Improve Your Health and Get Your Life Back!

Dr. Won is a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in performing Panniculectomy, the procedure that removes all of the excess skin and fat from the pannus, allowing you to get your health back and lead a normal life again. You’ve done all of the work to lose weight, and you deserve to reap your successes and look and feel your absolute best!

Who is a good candidate for Panniculectomy?

People who have lost a large amount of weight and are experiencing negative side effects due to excess skin in the abdominal area are good candidates for panniculectomy. It is best to have had stable weight for at least six months, and women, should not be planning to have further pregnancies. Some or all of the costs of surgery may be covered by insurance.

What to Expect From the Procedure

, Unlike an abdominoplasty, a panniculectomy does NOT tighten muscles or reposition the belly button. It only removes the excess skin and fat of the pannus, using a horizontal incision that runs from hip to hip. Drains are placed to help prevent collections of fluid or blood and are removed after 1 – 2 weeks. Depending on your particular situation, a tummy tuck may be performed at the same time, which would retighten your muscles and reposition the belly button as needed. Dr. Won can go over all of your options with you at the time of consultation.

What Is Panniculectomy Recovery Like?

Dr. Won will only allow the patient to go home once their vitals have stabilized. Prescriptions will be provided to deal with any discomfort felt during the recovery period. Dr. Won will go through the aftercare instructions as part of the consultation to aid in your recovery process

As with other abdominal surgeries, most people require at least two weeks off from work but need to wait at least six weeks before resuming normal activities. The first week after panniculectomy is the most uncomfortable due to swelling and bruising but gets better with time. Patients are required to wear a compression garment for a total of 6 weeks after surgery, around the clock for the first 4 weeks, then only during active parts of the day for an additional two weeks.

Are you a Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Not everyone is a candidate for cosmetic surgery. If you are in the process of losing weight, it is best to wait until you have reached your goal weight before undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedure. Additionally, if you are still planning on having children, it is best to wait until you have had your child and recovered from the pregnancy. The reason for this is that weight fluctuations can affect the long-lasting benefits that are gained from having cosmetic surgery. Additionally, if you are currently a smoker, you will need to stop completely before undergoing any type of procedure since smoking can affect both the healing process and the results gained from a procedure. Also, you must have a positive attitude and a realistic outlook about what surgery can do for you. An unhealthy lifestyle and poor overall health and fitness can wreak havoc on your appearance.

Related Review

“I just want to thank Dr. Won and her staff for making everything incredibly smooth from my consult to surgery day. They were kind, patient, and attentive. Dr. Won made me feel heard with my expectations and was very thorough when explaining my surgery outcomes. Highly recommend! Thank you Eviva staff and Dr. Won! :)”


What Happens During a Consultation?

In your panniculectomy consultation, you and Dr. Won will talk about your surgical goals. A physical examination will be conducted to determine if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Any past procedures will be discussed, along with other aspects of your medical history.

During your consultation with Dr. Won, she will go over with you what will be required to get the desired results that you are looking for and advise you on what to expect during the recovery process. The potential cost of the surgery will also be discussed.

Any questions you raise will be thoroughly addressed by Dr. Won so that you can confidently schedule your panniculectomy surgery. Dr. Won will ask you to arrange for someone to drive you home and help out during your recovery period.

How Much Does a Panniculectomy Cost?

The price of the panniculectomy surgery will depend on the amount of work required to achieve the aesthetic goals of the patient. Any additional cosmetic procedures performed will affect the cost of the procedure.

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