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One way to affirm your gender identity is through a female to male chest reconstruction, also known as Top Surgery. This procedure can match your inner self and your outer appearance to help you feel more comfortable with how you express your gender.

Undergoing this procedure is a very personal choice and must be made in a healthy and welcoming environment. Dr. Won specializes in customized FTM/N chest reconstruction to help ease gender dysphoria.

What Is Female to Male Chest Reconstruction?

Female to male chest reconstruction is a procedure performed to help transgender men and non-binary people remove their breasts and achieve a less traditionally feminine chest. This is one of the procedures that brings a patient a step closer to completing their transition journey.

An FTM/N chest reconstruction focuses on removing breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin from the chest area to achieve a flat chest. The nipples and areolae will also be repositioned and resized as needed.

Am I a Good Candidate for Female to Male Chest Reconstruction?

The best candidates for a female to male chest reconstruction are people in good physical and emotional health. Since this procedure has permanent results, it is best to ask all possible questions to help you make a final decision.

Like all surgical procedures, the best candidates must also be in good overall physical health so that they are capable of safely recovering from the procedure. This includes having no medical conditions that could impair healing.

FTM/N chest reconstruction candidates must have a BMI of 40 or below. This will help prevent complications related to anesthesia as well as wound healing.

Smokers (including cigarettes, marijuana, and vaping) must quit for at least 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after the procedure.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited at least 48 hours before and after the procedure.

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Your FTM/N Chest Reconstruction Consultation

An FTM/N chest reconstruction consultation is focused on helping you feel comfortable and safe in your transition process. Dr. Won will answer all your questions related to the surgery, including questions about preparation, the procedure, and recovery. The chest area will also be assessed to determine eligibility for the procedure.

Provide your complete medical history including medication list. This will allow Dr. Won to plan and prepare an effective and comfortable procedure for you. Inform her of any possible allergies to select the best anesthesia.

Dr. Won will also discuss the surgical techniques involved in chest reconstruction. This will allow you to visualize the possible results and assist you in setting realistic expectations. Once you are eligible for the procedure, Dr. Won will provide special instructions in preparing for this gender-affirmation surgery.

The Procedure

A female to male chest reconstruction begins with administering general anesthesia. The patient will be fully unconscious during the procedure, and so no pain will be felt.

Once the general anesthesia takes effect, Dr. Won will begin creating the incisions to remove tissue. She will then reconstruct the underlying tissue to match the patient’s aesthetic goals. Afterward, the skin will be adjusted to the newly reconstructed chest. Sutures will be used to close the incisions.

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“Everyone I interacted with from my first inquiry to my post-op scheduling call has been wonderful and affirming. Dr. Won was thorough in explaining what the procedure would entail, and provided everything I needed for my initial recovery and care. Most importantly, I am over the moon happy with my results, even while I’m still early in the recovery process! I highly recommend Dr. Won.”

– Remy Drain

The Recovery Process

The best results can be experienced with great aftercare. There will be 2 follow-up appointments in the first week, one to remove the drains and the second one to remove the dressings. A total of 2 weeks is recommended to take time off from work and focus on recovery. More time off work may be recommended for those who have more physcially demanding jobs.

A total of 6 weeks is recommended to avoid lifting more than 15 pounds, high impact activity such as running or jumping, and stretching your arms over your head. There are no restrictions on walking, and walking as much as possible is encouraged.

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To learn more about female to male chest reconstruction in Seattle, schedule a consultation with Dr. Won. She will be happy to help you during this pivotal time in your life.

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