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Improve Your Self Esteem

Gynecomastia is a condition that causes men to develop enlarged breast tissue. Many men are embarrassed by this condition, especially when they are in situations that involve taking off their shirts, or when they wear fitted shirts. Depending on the severity of the breast enlargement, clothing doesn’t always hide the condition. Some try diet and exercise to try and reduce breast size with no avail.

Many men find that their self-esteem is affected by suffering from Gynecomastia. While it’s possible that gynecomastia can go away on its own, or after any underlying health condition is resolved, in many cases it doesn’t resolve, and surgery is required to correct it.

If you are suffering from this condition, Dr. Won can help! She offers a consultation to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, and is happy to sit down and go over all of your options with you, based on your individual case.

Mild cases of gynecomastia may be able to be corrected with liposuction alone. However, in more severe cases, the breast tissue and loose skin needs to be excised. When this is needed, the nipples can also be repositioned so that they are in the correct placement relative to the new chest shape.

Enhanced Chest Definition

Male Breast ReductionDuring surgery, the excess fat and breast tissue is removed, but the pectoralis muscles are left in place so they will be more defined after the surgery is completed. After the recovery process, men will still be able to use exercise to strengthen and tone the chest muscles to enhance their masculine form.

Gynecomastia surgery is not recommended for teens until they have finished going through puberty since it’s possible that the condition could return after surgery with hormonal changes still taking place. For men at any age, it’s important to see a doctor to determine what has caused the condition so that can be addressed as well.


Gynecomastia can affect men of all ages, including teens who are going through puberty. There are different causes of gynecomastia which can include:

  • Underlying hormonal problems which usually consist of imbalances between Testosterone and Estrogen. Gynecomastia can occur in puberty due to hormonal fluctuations but is most common in men between the ages of 50 – 80. In fact, one in four men in this age group develop the condition!
  • Obesity.
  • Weight loss which can create “sagging” breasts consisting of fat pockets and sagging skin.
  • Thyroid imbalances.
  • Hypogonadism.
  • Some prescription drugs.
  • Anabolic steroids.
  • Excess alcohol use.

The problem is that in many cases, even after the underlying cause is addressed and corrected, men can still be left with excess breast tissue.

Fortunately, Dr. Won can correct this condition for you so that you are looking and feeling like your old self again!

Are you a Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

Not everyone is a candidate for cosmetic surgery. If you are in the process of losing weight, it is best to wait until you have reached your goal weight before undergoing any kind of cosmetic procedure. The reason for this is because weight fluctuations can affect the long-lasting benefits that are gained from having cosmetic surgery. Additionally, if you are currently a smoker, you will need to stop completely prior to undergoing any type of procedures since smoking can affect both the healing process and the results gained from a procedure. Also, it is important that you have a positive attitude and a realistic outlook about what surgery can do for you. An unhealthy lifestyle and poor overall health and fitness can wreak havoc on your appearance.

During your consultation with Dr. Won, she will go over with you what will be required to get the desired results that you are looking for and advise you what to expect during the recovery process.

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