What to Expect During and After Your Wrinkle Relaxer Treatment

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Opting for wrinkle relaxer treatments promises smoother, more youthful skin. This guide walks you through the entire process, from consultation to post-treatment care, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable every step of the way. With Dr. Won’s expertise, expect visible improvements and facial rejuvenation.


Initial Consultation: Setting the Stage for Success

The journey to your ideal aesthetic with wrinkle relaxer treatments begins with a consultation. This crucial session with Dr. Won ensures that your treatment is customized to meet your unique needs and goals.

  • Medical History Review: A thorough review of your medical history is conducted to ensure there are no contraindications to the treatment. This includes discussing any previous cosmetic procedures, allergies, and current medications.
  • Facial Analysis: A comprehensive evaluation of facial structure and skin condition is conducted to identify the best injection sites for achieving a natural reduction in wrinkles.
  • Treatment Plan Discussion: A personalized treatment plan is developed, detailing the specific areas for treatment, the quantity of product needed, and the expected outcomes, all tailored to individual aesthetic goals.

The Injection Procedure: Precision and Comfort

The core of the wrinkle relaxer treatment lies in the careful administration of a series of small injections, meticulously targeted at the muscles responsible for wrinkle formation.

  • Precision in Targeting: Each injection is strategically placed to temporarily relax the muscle activity that leads to wrinkles, ensuring that results look natural and the skin appears smoother.
  • Minimizing Discomfort: Emphasizing patient comfort, fine needles are used during the procedure, and a topical anesthetic may be applied to reduce any discomfort. Typically, patients experience just a slight, quick pinch with each injection.
  • Efficiency of the Procedure: Understanding the value of your time, the entire process is designed to be quick yet effective, typically concluding within 15 to 30 minutes. This efficiency makes wrinkle relaxer treatments a viable option even for those with demanding schedules.

Post-Treatment Care: Ensuring Optimal Results

Post-treatment care is essential for achieving the best results and reducing the chance of side effects. You will receive a set of detailed guidelines customized to your treatment to aid in recovery and maximize effectiveness.

  • Avoid Strenuous Activities: For the first 24 hours following your treatment, it’s important to steer clear of heavy exercise and activities that significantly increase your heart rate or body temperature. This precaution helps prevent any unnecessary swelling or bruising at the injection sites.
  • Maintain an Upright Position: To ensure the wrinkle relaxer product remains precisely where it was injected and does not migrate to surrounding areas, it’s advised to avoid lying down or bending over for several hours post-treatment.
  • Be Gentle with Your Skin: For at least 24 hours after receiving injections, avoid touching, rubbing, or applying pressure to the treated areas. This helps maintain the product’s placement and integrity, contributing to better results.
  • Additional Recommendations: Depending on your specific situation, Dr. Won may offer further personalized advice, such as avoiding certain skincare products or activities that might interfere with your results.

Expected Results: A Smoother, More Youthful Appearance

Results from wrinkle relaxer treatments in Seattle are typically visible within a few days, with full effects apparent after two weeks. The outcome is a smoother, more refreshed appearance that can last up to four months. Regular treatments are recommended to maintain the desired effect.


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